David Helpling’s debut album. Dreamlike textures, original percussion samples, and flowing moods are woven throughout the territory explored herein, minding a variety that keeps the entire album interesting over the duration. Helpling uses silken synthesizers and textural electric guitars which gracefully merge together in a floating, ambient, atmospheric space. Haunting and melodic, emotion is often expressed with simple sustained piano phrases in vast sonic spaces… evoking a pleasant and almost magical paradise just out of reach. Each track contrasts nicely with those around it, alternating between percussive and melodic explorations, as well as ambient pieces. The emphasis throughout is more purely electronic, with delicate melodic interplay and carefully shaded effects. Helpling’s style is subtle and atmospheric, each track leading to the next like scenes in a dream.

Ambient electric guitar and distinct keyboard melodies with rhythmic orchestrations, are all tastefully combined to define this superb work that ranges from driving and energetic passages to ambient and sublime atmospheres. This highly acclaimed debut release was nominated for “INDIE” Album of the Year.

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