On Treasure, David Helpling and Jon Jenkins create a synthetic 7th heaven where the muses of Patrick O'Hearn, Steve Roach and Lanterna play. The 10 tracks on this album run from the emotionally charged and heroic, to spiritually nuanced and serene. Melodic ambient music with spacey themes and lush electro-tribal beats. The lead lines are mostly delicate, understated structures that often sit deep within the overall textural swells - sometimes they are fully absent, washes and harmonious drones taking the lead - but there are also passages of delirious beauty, luscious, cascading melody and moments of heart stirring emotion. Ranging from dreamy grandeur and soaring rapture to gentle quietude and introspective subtlety, Treasure has an organic soul within an electronic body.

The key to this music is in its sonorous depth. Deep expressive tones provide space for reflection and expose a listener to the album's poignant themes. Reverberant piano notes slowly dance above warm electronic harmonies as steely echo guitar plays against icy synth dots. Sultry percussion supports suggestive melodies while slow basslines advance in measured force. Helpling and Jenkins invent these gently humming atmospheres out of a shared spatial understanding. Treasure has emerged from within the inscrutable vastness of sound where these two creative streams meet. Treasure isn't something you discover, following the map to where X marks the spot. Instead, it's an album you'll cherish like a treasure, a secret, personal gift of lush, sonic immersion that carries a message from another world.

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